Freddy and the Freeloaders Jazz band

Meet the Freeloaders

We've all played in various groups over the years but joined forces because we really like the music that we're able to create together. With this combination of three horns, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums we can (and do) play a variety of music styles from Cole Porter/Duke Ellington, Latin, Swing, Jazz Crusaders, and even Booker T. Sadly, when it comes to country & western - we don't play either but you didn't want that for your party anyway. Listen to the embedded music and if you'd like to have us for your event call or email us and we'll make it happen. Thanks and here's a little lowdown on the banned members who really all came from good families but just sort of developed some strange ways about them over the years....

Ron Rosano

Known as "light fingers Ron" not from his time in prison, but his uncanny ability to make even brushes sound loud. Ron was left on our doorstep as a small child and is a charter member of the band (not too mention a seriously great drummer).

Johnny Walsh

Group arranger, transcriber, and in charge of all things groove related. If the band had two vocalists he'd be both of them. Fortunately for you we don't.

Steve Shaffer (aka "Freddy")
Tenor & contra-bass zither

As the band's manager, stage hand, and generally misguided spiritual leader, "Freddy" has often been regaled with accolades like "for a saxophone player he's a hell of a good stage hand....."

Curtis Uejo
Alto saxophone

Married well...
Well...besides that, he's a great alto player and one of the band's featured soloists.

Dr. Dave Kell
Tenor & Soprano saxophones

Graduate of the Grantham School of Jazz Theory, veteran of numerous Stanford Jazz Camps, and basically one really smart cookie.

Bruce Barrett
Stand-up & electric bass

"The glue that holds us together." Bruce has played in the past with many groups in the Bay Area and brings a solid bass line along with his creative solos to the band.

Dan Silva
Keyboards & trombone

Master of the keyboards, Dan has also been with the band since its inception and contributes to the arranging and rearranging (and rearranging and rearranging.....) of songs for the group.